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Saturday, August 30, 2008

When you are asked to make 135 CDs for someone..

you can't stop yourself from sharing it with your blog reader(s). So apologies, but yes, I will inflict upon you Ron Clark's President's Rap.

But since it's a non-partisan song and this was a very Partisan week, I feel a kind of duty to represent the opposing sides in our debates here in the US. While the Pup might squawk over any serious political banter on our blog (well, not really, since we all know I get away with pretty much anything I want here, hehehe) I did spend some quality time with the television and the Obamas, soaking up the love.
Queen Latifah might not have had politics in mind when she penned this song, but the title brought Barack's message to mind. Incidentally, this is the reason that some feminists embraced rap in the '80s. Artists like Queen Latifah took it back and allowed women to become a force in a scene that had only profited from their bodies instead of with their full talents.

U.N.I.T.Y. Queen Latifah: Black Reign buy it , go to her website
Yes, I know that Sarah Palin (McCain's choice for V.P. for those of you out of the U.S. news loop) is not actually from Anchorage, but it's the only Alaska song I've got, ok! And, uh... no comment on that whole affair, I'll leave it to the political bloggers to dissect (hint, hint, if you want a great left wing analysis of politics of this country go over to the Huffington Post) we'll stick to music and an occasional political jab here and there on these pages ;)

I certainly wouldn't mention here how much that button looks like a Harry Potter book ad as I imagine it 30 years from now (minus the White House, of course), Harry old and grey, owl-less, musing over old spells. He poses with some sprightly new wizard just flown in from somewhere and ready to take over the school, awaiting the new budding genius, by his side! I would never think to pollute this blog with my musings over how much McCain appears to be trying to remember who that crazed, smiling hockey-mom is next to him and if he has to maybe explain her to his wife, no I wouldn't want to talk about that here. We'll simply stick to music, thank you very much. But just in case, I am kinda curious if any of you also think that perhaps he's wondering if she's from Czechoslovakia? That's pretty close to Alaska, no?

If anyone, anyone at all (!) has info on where this song comes from, please leave me a comment. I got it from an organized friend who never labels his mp3's properly. So yes, it's an acoustic version and no, I've googled and not found any single or album listing for it. Perhaps its a U.K. release? Edit: Thanks to DavyH, I've identified and re-tagged this track correctly :)

Anchorage mp3 Michelle Shocked

And the reason for this horrid post .... Apparently school children learn things if they can sing them, and children these days do not sing. They only rap. That's just one more reason we need drastic and mandatory steps right now towards re-education camps (oh, alright, that's a joke!). But, honest to god, I am making 135 CDs to be checked out of a teacher's library so that the little monsters can take them home and memorize all the presidents of the U.S. from Washington to Bush II. I can't listen to the wretched song, but maybe someone out there will find it amusing. I've got to admit, this Ron Clark guy has amazing talent and is a fantastic educator. Other tracks on the album include: "The Essential 55" (his kind of rules of engagement), "Solar System Experience," and "Be Like King" (I'm assuming MLK).

The President's Rap mp3 Ron Clark The Essential Raps buy it , go to his website


meatpocket said...

um, sweetheart, darling, wifey, love of my life....

i need 147 CDs of "The Presidents' Rap."


thank you.

i owe you my life.

a Tart said...


Bashmaster General said...

The Latifah jam gives me a wicked flashback, visions of Monie Love and such. In November, remember to vote your heart, so vote for Floyd Sanders!

a Tart said...

uh, ok Floyd! er, thanks, glad you enjoyed xoxo

Davy H said...

Hello Tart me old fruit - that Michelle Shocked is lovely, thank you. Could it be the B side of the single? See here...

a Tart said...

ah davy! thanks darling! :) I do believe you are right, it's the 7" USA single, video version. Genius old man! Pure genius! xoxoxo

Davy H said...

Ah, 'twas nothing x