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Sunday, August 24, 2008

wherein a Tart gives you movie music, ....meh

Mrs. Tart, aka MeatPocket, and I truly enjoy bad movies. Especially with monsters and cute guys and beautiful women and the like. So we were especially pleased by all the corniness that was The Mummy 3. There was even a yakking yak, (insert groan here), but with the gratuitous Brendan Fraser bare chest scene (yes I googled for it, and the internets failed me, dear reader!) and the debut of a beautiful Chinese actress, Isabella Leong, we were ready to forgive them their sorry jokes. (MeatPocket insists that I note that she is "much more enamored of the classic beauty and intense presence of Michelle Yeoh" and adds that Jet Li is also still a hottie. Whatever).
The music was not particularly memorable I must add. However, the graphics and titles were spectacular. MeatPocket reads a bit of Chinese and she was ecstatic to see how beautifully and er, correctly they were done. She said the historical details like armor, weaponry, architecture, etc. were also largely accurate as well which, to our minds, is quite refreshing in mainstream Hollywood films. But honestly, Isabella Leong, was so, so, gorgeous in those snow scenes! Oh, I'm such a philistine! xoxoxo

A Call To Adventure (Theme from The Mummy 3 mp3, Randy Edleman, from The Mummy 3 OST

The Reign of Terror mp3, Randy Edleman, from The Mummy 3 OST

Buy it if you must, but I'm warning you, it's movie music, meh.... nothing else really to say.
Now the Yeti! The were FANTASTIC, oh I so want a YETI for xmas!

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