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Monday, August 25, 2008

What Has Blogging (and you bloggers!)Done To Me?

  1. kept me up way past my bedtime
  2. caused Meatpocket (Mrs. Tart) some concern for my well-being -- yes sympathies JC
  3. increased the size of my fucktunes library by at least 10 G in the past 3 months, aaack
  4. brought me back to the world of live shows, yay!
So, while I bent your ear about the gigs I was missing in lieu of some great sex in September I should, in the interest of full disclosure (and to whet your appetite for upcoming posts to cheer your dreary Monday morning!), give you a picture of shows I do have tickets for. :)

September 6, The Wedding Present
September 12, Holy Fuck
September 19, Magic Slim and the Teardrops
October 4, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
October 10, Ben Folds
October 29, Amy Ray

Wheee! So yeah, some reviews to come! Sorry for bragging, but here's two great tracks from El Rey to give you a giggle, quirky choices I know. But that's the best thing about the Weddoes, they're quintessentially quirky and yet as much as we make fun of pop music we love it deep down, eh?

Soup mp3, The Wedding Present, El Rey.... If you can tell me what this song means I'll send you a cool track of your choice! Honest to god, I'm mystified, but I can't get the chorus out of my head.

Swingers mp3, The Wedding Present, El Rey.... Um, yeah for most people, the question, "Is self control too much to expect?" is a really bad sign. Thankfully Meatpocket and I got that all worked out, 15 years on Tuesday and I finally found a place to purchase the requested (ok, demanded) present, lol!

buy El Rey on MySpace

photo credit: Swansea Photographer


a Tart said...

i mean, i know what i MEANS, but why "no soup"? is that a british thing or something? weird if so lol

Ariel said...

a tart! i figured id finally return the comment. thats some nice shows you got coming up for yourself. enjoy!

a Tart said...

aw, thanks ariel, I keep wondering if I'll run into you at one of them!

Puppet Show said...

is there a reason you need to rub my noes into going to see all the cool kids play... pfft

a Tart said...

oh was that your nose, i thought it was, er, oh nevermind... lol