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Friday, August 29, 2008

Just close your eyes and listen....

cause this song is gooooooood, but the video is absolutely horrid. No, I mean, this is a much better band than that. I'm choosing to think they just made a really bad management decision here. Perhaps that also explains why I can't find any information on upcoming tour dates? Damn, I hate when I find a great band and then discover they've broken up. Fans, tell me it ain't so!

Described as lo-fi garage rock or even something reminiscent of early glam rock (their NYC origins?), Suffrajett is a powerful trio, fronted by Simi Sernaker who has a true rock-and-roll woman's voice. She's a violinist and the band features her on electric violin (!) Yeah it's another act that stems from the riot grrl days but there's obviously some positive sex power in this group and I give it a "hell yeah" vote of approval, for whatever that's worth to you :)

Closer mp3, Suffrajett: SXSW 2008 Showcasing Artists
Suffrajett's website
Suffrajett on MySpace
buy Suffrajett's Black Glitter, 2007

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