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Monday, August 25, 2008

While you were away...

Well since Ive been tied up on other items, it seems Tart has kept everyone entertained. I decided before I read any of her posts I should probably lay down some stuff so she doesn't yell or throw old discarded fruit at me. So I have been thinking, I need something good to write, hmmm as I am no freelance journalist, and spell check keeps me looking good what can I do as part of the "team". So I got it...

CONFESSIONS DAY - so kids it's time to open your closet and confess your musical skeletons, don't think this an original idea by me, as it was one of Tarts first questions she asked me. So here we go (and in the interest of keeping this "short") my Top 5 musical skeleton confessions and why.

5.) Just about any House/Techno groove song ever made- I grew up rock and roll, metal, and thrash all the way and as I started to grow musically I got a heap of shit from my friends for even thinking of walking down this road. I can't quite explain why I love it, other then a real decent house song can be so sonically layered, and if done properly it can take you places, almost like a soundtrack to life. It can be with or without a singer, though I find myself drawn to some driven song with an obscure singer no ones heard of.
(Link is to - Above and Beyond - Alone Tonight off of Melodic Trance) (2006)

4.) B52's - Planet Clair - Why, well it brings back some old friends. One which I will quickly share cause it goes with the story... A good friend of mine did the frat house in college, and as most frat houses have a sister sorority house. Well of course in this sorority there was a girl named Clair, and she was a rather "robust" woman who rode a scooter around campus (insert big girl scooter joke here) well, the story gets pretty long and out of sorts from here, and it's much better after drinking a few and reminiscing about old times... lets just say... ya I like the song, so there.

3.) Weird Al Yankovic - Confessions part III - The man is a musical hack genius, though I have several reasons to LOVE this song, I will stick to the most obvious. It was the most beautiful spoof of R.Kelly and his confessions series, and the sad thing is there is so much truth in it too. Admit it you peed in your girlfriends sink...

2.) John Cameron Mitchell - Angry Inch - This song was part of the soundtrack for "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". The song, like the movie, is hard to admit you like it if your a straight white male, but damn... I love this freaking movie and soundtrack. For those of you unfamiliar with Hedwig and the Angry Inch, well its a musical journey of a man becoming a woman in musical form, a rather awesome spectacle, that actually has one of the BEST soundtracks around, so yes I suggest you go find a copy of the movie before you ridicule me. Plus I want that hair.

1.) Lazy Town - You are a Pirate - Take a 30something Icelandic gym guy, add a girl with pink hair that every pedophile in town wants to bang while she's in costume (oh please, you know it's true) throw in some unusual puppets and a bad guy and you have a basic kids show.
But why stop there, we need more, what can we do... lets add a technoesque beat with catchy lyrics, there now you have "Lazy Town"

But why the Pirate song, it's techno (see #5) and also because it was probably one of the first ring tones I put on my phone that my daughter loved. Then again I got a kick out of (fine I'm a little kid too) the hacker or "online pirate" (insert arrrgh) undertones, it's not the first time I've been called a pirate. Well not that the song was about that, but you can make any typical song into anything you want to anyway.

So lets hear it folks, skeletons avast ye!

Links to buy the cool stuff above -
Lazy Town
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Weird Al
Melodic Trance


a Tart said...

you, my dear, are a totally unique and awesome specimen of humanity. i applaud you for a job well done! (now where's the cookies?!) xoxoxo

a Tart said...

oh, and as IF i'd yell or throw things at you, pffft! i'm very calm and unassuming over here.... just going now to fix your typos! (j/k!)

meatpocket said...

i LOVE hedwig and the angry inch. my favorite song is the one about zeus splitting round people into two halves that have to find each other. even tho i don't believe that crap. lol. it's a great song.

and Pup is right - if you haven't seen/heard it you really should.