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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to Work Already?

photo credit: wageslaves

Happy Monday (ok, still Sunday night to us Yanks, don't let's brag about it eh?) Even tho the Tart doesn't have to get up and clock in tomorrow I still have sympathy for all you out there who do. And organizing my music a bit tonight I found this dreamy Elvis Costello tune that just took me back to my youth, to the good days of summer, laying in bed listening to the radio and hoping to hear a track from My Aim Is True. Often late at night I was rewarded with "Welcome to the Working Week", (or with "Wave a White Flag" which to my 13 year old ears was very risque with all that beating and drinking, lol!) Sure the popular tracks like "Watching the Detectives" and "Alison" were easy to hear during the day, but to catch the more obscure ones you had to stay up late. But back to Mondays.... work.... ah right.

Later in life I figured out that working too hard was just not in anyone's best interest really. So no matter what the fucking Yuppies I was surrounded by told me, uh yeah, I was a working class slacker through and through. Of course, it wasn't until much later that I got radical about that, and by then I could afford to be ... ah the typical story of us lefties! Enjoy the tunes, don't work too hard this week, savor what's left of your weekend out there, and let music keep ya sane folks!

And, um, no I don't quite know why someone thought Elvis Costello likes pussy and heroin, he never struck me that way! But I loved this pic when I found it.

Of course no post on slacking would be complete without The Replacements, another band that absolutely formed my musical taste as a young person in the 80s, and I had to beat Puppet Show to the punch by plugging Depeche Mode and stealing one of his own tracks to do it with too! :)

photo credit: (waltzing) matilda

Welcome To The Working Week Elvis Costello from My Aim Is True

Bad Worker mp3The Replacements from Hootenanny

Work Hard mp3 Depeche Mode from Singles, Box 2, 08, Everything Counts

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Puppet Show said...

OML what am to do with you, good tunes, good chioces, you forgot to put Loverboy - Everybodys working for the weekend... sorry just had to do it

a Tart said...

loverboy???? oi vey! i leave the crappy American tunes to your side of the yard here lol!