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Friday, August 22, 2008

Puscifer: V is for Vagina... it must be Friday

Um yeah. I was really gonna try and clean up this blog, what with all the sex songs and the Pup's obsession with bitches this week, but alas, I find myself blogging on another Friday. And as you know, Fridays in Tart-land are the let-it-loose-and-be-a-little-wild day of the week! Mrs. Tart (MeatPocket as she's chosen to be called here, oh my!) and I have opted out of seeing a gig tonight, so apologies all you Fiest fans, just not our cuppa right now. And at the moment, in the wee hours of Friday morning, I'm just basking in the afterglow and picking out movie times for this evening.

What better album to turn you on to than Puscifer's V Is For Vagina. God, I am so in love with this sound. Dark, broody, so masculine and yet not exactly angry or violent as it is simply just mmmmmm meaty and er, dare I say, throbbing? Maynard James Keenan, from Tool, and A Perfect Circle, created this gorgeously sexy sound to be "groove-oriented music that makes you feel good" and without a doubt he succeeded on these two tracks. Other tracks on the album seem out of sync here but these two shine, and while the project as a whole seems to lack focus I'm content with scooping the cream off the top.

Now I know, some of you will ask, how can a Tart like this stuff after you've seen some of her latest pop/funk/posts? What can I say? The dark side is hawt. No, I'm not one to espouse guns and violence and that kind of death/dirge, metal music. But when Keenan growls

Out to run the train at the railway station,
Shotgun Betty stoppin' dead at my shoes.
Cock on lockdown, she said learn the damn alphabet.
I come before you, get to payin' your dues.

I just see some kind of poetry in that. Call me crazy if you will... :)

Vagina Mine mp3, Puscifer: V Is For Vagina

For your auditory/sensual delights our second Friday track is just too too obvious, but indulge me, it's been a long week full of computer viruses and whatnot and did I mention that afterglow? ;)

Queen B mp3 Puscifier: V Is For Vagina
This lady got the thickness
Can I get a witness
This lovely lady got the thickness
Can I get a Hell Yeah

Grab them saddlebags and
Toss em over me
Let's ride all night
Hell Yeah, the Tart's feeling that tonight... hopefully you'll be feeling it too later on my darling reader(s) xoxo

buy it direct from the Puscifer website it's pretty cool to just go peek at too

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