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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

wherein a Tart shows appreciation, and tells the story of this here blog...

Some days are rewarding, others are not. This day in blogland was a very rewarding day for we were rewarded with mention on two very nice and cool blogs of note, blogs that I've been a fan of since before I began this wee diary and mp3 collection.

Over on The Vinyl Villain JC has added us to his blogroll and linked to us in a post, which has sent more than a few music seekers our way. Thanks so very much! If you haven't been over there to read the fellas awesome posts on old music, new music, live gigs, and some great rare BritPop stuff .... There's plenty of The Smiths, James, some REM, Elvis Costello and so much more... well you really should go see for yourselves. But they don't just write reviews, the blog is also full of humor and memories and wit and ... well the verve of what music is, as it exists in their lives and in their past. I'm just loving learning about them through their music (well mostly JC to be honest) and that's what good blogging is all about, n'est pas? Don't miss the corresponding collection of video on The Video Villain too! JC really has a cottage industry going on over there.

And just yesterday, we got a nice write up on Aiken's blog, Licorice Pizza. Aiken covers a nice array of music from Led Zeppelin outtakes to Rob Zombie to The Real McKenzies. I got hooked on this blog early on, from the Hype Machine (same as I did with The Vinyl Villain) because it had tunes I wanted, but what kept me reading was a quality that set it apart from other blogs ... this guy knew LOADS about the music he put out there for you. Almost every post has a couple of paragraphs of explanation or inside story to pique your interest or place the songs in historical and cultural context. I've learned so much from Aiken, and I'm gobsmacked to be mentioned on his pages, thanks hun!

Now, is the Tart just kissing up here? Hell yeah she is! I know that in the little incestuous land of blogging you gotta pay your dues. And I also mean every word of it. I know equally well that I walk in some pretty big footsteps here. Those closest to me are Puppet Show's and you all really should know something about us... (cue dramatic music here, damn where is that track from all those old Vincent Price movies?!)

I tease the living crap outta that man, but he really is the be-all and end-all of my music education and almost everything I know I owe to him at this point. Most of the tunes I throw up here he gave me, he pointed me towards, or he explained the history of to me. Sure, I came to the table with Amy Ray and The Duke Spirit, and anything Funk or pre 1980 is probably mine, but for specifics on Metal or Punk even (tho I'm a huge fan), Puppet Show is your man! I started this little music diary to give back something since I found I was swiping a lot of tunes from bloggers. That just didn't sit right with my socialist sensibilities so out came this here blog. I needed to give back. But as soon as Puppet Show got back in town I knew I needed help! I'm so glad he's climbed in the saddle to ride this pony with me.

Music has got me through some long-ass days, I've asked him some really dumb questions and he's never made me feel stupid yet (don't you dare start now! lol) countless times he's sent me some Morrissey or Jesus on Exasty when I really needed it. The blog has given us an outlet (I think, at least) to take all those music conversations and do something useful with them! So thanks so much, you know ... well, I owe ya, 'nuff said.

Speaking of ponies....
I can't listen to this song without thinking of you, LOL

I Wanna Be A Cowboy mp3 Boys Don't Cry, 12" Maxi-Single, (US 1985) 12" Saddle Mix

buy Boys Don't Cry

p.s. no Puppet Show's not gay... I didn't want ya to wonder, with this song being a gay anthem and all..., but I think this was the first song he ever sent me and it still makes me laugh :)


JC said...

shucks. You're far too kind....

Just hoping you're most recent posting sends a few pervs my way!!

a Tart said...

Oh! Is that what you're here for? I thought you liked our music (insert fake pout here) heheheh...

Puppet Show said... er... not sure what to say, but thank you! I appreciate the kudos dear Tart, hoping I can continue on with sharing good stuff as you have given me some awesome stuff (Duke and CR Avery, which I'm listening to as I type this) Where I may have the music knowledge, you have the research knowledge, hopefully tag teaming will do well :)