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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When Sex Really Hurts.... the {...'ing} post ... sans photos!

Here is a complete and very sad list of shows I will not be reviewing for you next month:
  • Sept. 24 - Sigur Ros $145.00-$306.00!!! omg
  • Sept. 25 - James $24.00
  • Sept. 27 - My Bloody Valentine $40.00 SOLD OUT whew!
  • Sept. 28 - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - $34.00
I've added the admission prices to cheer myself up, hehehe. That Sigur Ros show is really outrageous, eh!? I guess waiting til the last minute to buy your tickets is a really bad idea. And in the interest of full disclosure I should add that I've secretly entered myself in a drawing for free tickets for that Nick Cave show ;)

It's not money that's keeping me at home those evenings, however. You see, on occassion Mrs. Tart and I (yes, yes, there's two Mrs. Tarts, we each call the other "Mrs." it's no big deal, I assure you) entertain "guests," what more er, normal people would call fuckbuddies, and on that week we are "entertaining" not just any "guests" but out-of-town "guests." In fact, "guests" who are coming to our big city from a far away country (!) just to "entertain" with us, wowza! while on their way to a conference in San Francisco. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

What? You thought I simply liked to eat little fruity cakes with whipped cream on top? Tut, tut! But this isn't a sex blog, per se. I just wanted to get that off my chest and explain to you my horribly painful predicament. Some goddamned good live music will be missed over here! Perhaps you'll share in my misery but take comfort in my er, promise of comforting?

Oh you wanted songs too? Hmmmm.....

Sexual Healing mp3 Neil Finn from Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge 2, 2001 I swiped this off a blog a while ago and I honestly can't remember who's, so apologies for not giving them a cite here. I love, love, love the original of this tune, I mean, Marvin Gaye is THE BEST! And when I saw a cover, I thought to myself, "no way, is this gonna be even listen-able." Well, reader(s), Neil Finn surprised the hell outta me. I hope he does the same to you, it's folksy, bluesy, simple and really um, white, but yeah, it totally works.

If you find somewhere to buy this album, please leave me a source in the comments, I'd love to have it! Here's A Neil Finn fan space on MySpace with more of his music.

You Sexy Thing mp3 Hot Chocolate from Hot Chocolate, 1975 (this version is from the soundtrack to The Full Monty) This was maybe the first song I heard on the radio that was explicitly about sex, and I remember it well! The percussion (bongos?) is simply amazing and when Errol Brown belts out "Kiss Me!" how can ya not wanna? Oh, and the scenes from that British movie were pretty good too ;)

Buy Hot Chocolate

Sexyback mp3Justin Timberlake from FutureSex/LoveSounds, 2006 Ok, ok, I know, this tracks seriously drags the blog down in coolness points, but there's simply a time and place for Timbaland/pop/trash music like JT. And boys, in the bedroom is that time and that place! Just tell me you don't want a gorgeous person of your desire to take off their clothes to this track? Be honest!

Buy FutureSex/LoveSounds

Sexplosion mp3 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult from Sexplosion, 1991 (incidently a band for which I do have tickets to see in October!) Back to some quality tunes. This track is brilliant! This album is described by wiki as their " leap toward more psychedelic house beats and their later grind house lounge sound" from their roots in a purer industrial sound. Whaterver, you wanna call it, this is music to {...} to in my book. It's funky, the beat is solid, the sound effects are intriguing, the vocals are, dare I say, gutsy? I could listen to TKK all day and certainly all night.

Buy Sexplosion
MySpace for TKK

David-Sexy Thing mp3 by David... here's where I admit my total ignorance of not only source for this song but even genre (I don't even think I have the total attribution correct here)! So dance/trance/house music fans out there help a girl out. I saw it on YouTube. I loved it. I've looked for it but with a name like that, it's kinda hopeless, don't ya think? I think this is the first track on this blog of trance music but that's not to say that the Pup (my new nick for him lol...he's gonna kill me!) and I aren't fans, we are! At least I hope he'll admit to it in public, eek, more trouble I'm getting myself into while he's away, heheheh. Anyhoo, this kind of music is perfect for {...'ing}, for those moments when you just want to lose yourself in the moment and need a beat, ya know?

Now, you tell me...What do you listen to when you're {...'ing}?


JC said...

Eh...that's cheap for Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. We pay that in £sterling over here every time he takes to a UK stage....

....but he's worth every penny.

a Tart said...

Well, our "guests" will be gone by the time Nick gets to us, and I'm hoping I'm recovered enough by then ;)... I might just leave Mrs.Tart at home and go see him anyway!

Puppet Show said...

I usually listen to the bed squeek... damn squeeky bed