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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do not forsake me I have not abandoned you

I'm still around just very tied up in stuff (no ropes involved Tart) so to prove it I leave you this post. Thus I give Tart two things she needs 1.) Ben Folds as he is a piano musical genius 2.) Cover songs as she LOOOOOOOooves covers songs.

Bitches Ain't Shit - Ben Folds - Bitches Aint Shit


a Tart said...

awwwww babes, you're TOO good to me xoxoxo

Rol said...

One of the best cover songs ever recorded - pity he's stopped playing it live!

Puppet Show said...

I still love when he plays "Rock this bitch" best song ever LOL

a Tart said...

omg, after listening to this track I'm speechless! LOL what will they think of us, pup!??? hahhahaha you are positively MENTAL!

meatpocket said...

'mrs. tart' here, damn, puppetshow, that's the most fucked up shit i've ever loved. you are so crazy. at least you made my wifey happy. keep it up. ;)