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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We Rock

Yes Puppet is alive, and doing very well, just sometimes life gets in the way of doing things that you want to do and you do what you HAVE to do. Plus I'm having a hard time with "topping" Tarts posts, since she is through in what she does...

Well after noticing her prep work on her future concerts (freakin concert going goody two shoes with extra cash pfffft) it got me to thinking, what was my first concert. Well this says a lot... Dio - Sacred Heart tour, in fact I think I still have the T-shirt somewhere. Well this was my first concert, though some of this information may have been a given to some of you, it was news to me... I got my own education in "concert edict".

First off general admission can suck ass, needless to say lets not bring up "The Who" in that comment. But being we were at the now torn down Toledo Sports arena I was safe from a mob converging on us as we entered into the arena.

Secondly you can sneak about anything into a concert if you try hard enough. We all know there will be some "herb" and some hard liquor making there way into a concert, but the crew that assembled the 5 ft bong before the show... whoa.

Thirdly, don't confuse the devil horns for the international symbol for "I love you" especially at a Dio concert... the man who originally brought you the devil horned salute (though Gene Simmons will tell you otherwise.)

Lastly go to a concert YOU want to go to. As I enjoyed Dio and his previous album ruled, Sacred Heart SUCKED ASS, that's just my humble opinion. I went cause my best friend was a Dio fan, and though it was a great show, I didn't know 3/4 of the songs they played so it was all new to me.

Anyway have some Dio just because, Starting off with a very nice line up of Ronnie James Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Stu Hamm, Greg Bissonette, Paul Taylor a definite who's who of 80's rock GODS! doing a tribute to Aerosmith "Dream on", followed up with "Don't Talk to Strangers".

Dream On Ronnie James Dio/Yngwie Malmsteen/Stu Hamm/Greg Bissonette/Paul Taylor - Tribute To Aerosmith: Not The Same Old Song And Dance

Don't Talk to Strangers - Dio Holy Driver

Buy Dio Stuff, cause YOU ROCK

*as a side note, a little while ago I posted up a song "Mr. Crowley" saying it was done by Ronnie James Dio, well thanks to my super sleuthing co-hort it has been deduced that the track was actually Yngwie Malmsteen and Tim "The Ripper" Owens off Bat Head Soup: A Tribute to Ozzy ...
Mr. Crowley is here for your interests (redo the tag after you get it, just because.)

(somehow you make me find all the covers tart, whats up with that)

As a side note... enjoy as I was looking for devil horn pictures I found this, and sorry, I HAD to laugh.
George Bush approves of this post


meatpocket said...

1. Dio sucks.

Actually i have no information on this, but all the boys in my junior high who wore Dio t-shirts sucked. Sorry Pup.

2. wtf is George W doing in that photo? lmao

Puppet Show said...

Dio is an awesome musician, though he sang about mid-evil times and rainbows and fairys I will admit that Ronnie James though a bit eclectic was awesome... well still is in his short 5'2" ways, may the mini mid-evil warrior rock on. And well the guys in your school who wore Dio shirts were lame WITHOUT knowing Dio, so it's not Dios fault.

George is a satanist didn't you see the link above George... Satan is my master, as said by Ben Folds!

a Tart said...

aww Pup, two covers in one day for me? :) Thanks! So yeah, I fixed your tag outta gratitude, and excellent post. You know how much I love Tim Owen's voice, yummmm!

I'll try to do an extra shabby job of blogging post-concerts next week :) I've got two to cover afterall xoxoxo

a Tart said...

ok, i take it back...i *TRIED* to edit the damn tag... no luck :( i obviously need more educating.