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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School's In Session

Here's some Gothic, Sci-Fi, Industrial synth-rock for your Tuesday and welcome back to school kiddies! Where's the Puppet Show been, you might have been wondering? He's busy behind the scenes, don't fret, my musical education has not floundered. I'm currently digesting Xymox, The Verve Pipe, Interpol and Ministry. Tomorrow I'm on to Ben Folds and The Wedding Present in preparation for upcoming shows! The Pup keeps me well informed on what he thinks I should be filling my ears with. But don't think I'm a blank slate either here. We do argue every now and then, and between you and me, I think he's coming around to my idea of actually labeling his mp3's in a coherent manner :)

There's a great post, (and pardon me for alerting you to it so late,) over on Troubled Souls Unite about how two people can hear a song so differently. I immediately thought of the Pup and I. Coming as we do from a history with different musical genres (he with metal and me with folk-rock) but overlapping as we do so much in taste and in just some sort of sense of what's good about music (not in a kind of snobbish, intrinsic, "there is a good kind of music" way, I think), he and I can often hear something and have totally different reactions to it. That's part of what keeps our conversations going, or what keeps me thinking about what he's said about a track long afterwards. I hear Depeche Mode in God Lives Underwater, he hears something completely different (I'll goad him to post on it by not telling you what I think he hears here! hahaha). Of course it helps that we both listen to almost all kinds of music regardless of our "first love."

Anyhoo, I'll leave you with two tracks from Xymox, a group I've not heard until today and at first blush I'm enjoying it immensely and I'll go out on a limb and say.... I'm hearing the Cure in here, and a little bit of, dare I say, INXS, without sounding offensive?

your student,

Xymox (now going by the name of Clan of Xymox): website buy it there

It's Your Life mp3 Xymox Headclouds

Headclouds mp3 Xymox Headclouds


a Tart said...

OK, so I'm on my 5th listen of It's Your Life, and I'm really loving that track now, ty Puppet Show xoxoxo good job!

Puppet Show said...

god I picked them up back in the late 80's on a super CD single... I thought it was good :)