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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just to Counteract That Picture of Bush

I had to put up something to divert you all from that horrid picture of Bush down below (oh goddess, how I wish he was down below, and no, I don't mean below my desk right now, you pervs!). So, while traipsing through my files I've noticed a few of you have searched for my Dolly Parton cover of Stairway to Heaven (which I took down prematurely) and I just felt it needed re-airing. I'll add another track from that album so you know what Dolly should sound like too.

Plus I know how much Puppet Show loves it. :)

Stairway to Heaven
mp3 Dolly Parton Halos and Horns

I'm gone mp3 Dolly Parton Halos and Horns

ok, the antidote is here:

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