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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not That You Need ME to Tell Ya....

but do go over to Matthew's blog and hear a fantastic bit of folk music by James Yorkston. Yes, Song, by Toad has done it again and given us the kind of review that makes you want to not only hear the music but also just soak up as much of it as you possibly can. That, my friends, is good blogging, and one of the main reasons I began doing this.

And James Yorkston has given us thought-provoking, rich, melodic music with which to while away a gloomy fall day. It hit me perfectly between the eyes this afternoon and you just had to know about it! (Plus, I've always been a sucker for a red-headed Scot, now don't you get pervy on me, you know I mean musically!)

thanks Matthew, xoxoxo

Hear two tracks from James Yorkston's The Year of the Leopard on NPR, here
James Yorkston on MySpace
buy his NEW album, When the Haar Rolls In

Song, by Toad
photo credit: jethro*


Bob said...

Ah, I'm glad to see he is making a name for himself. Thanks for stopping by my blog, tart.

*Vanishes in a puff of logic*

a Tart said...

You're quite welcome, bob, now if I could only remember which blog was you! Shame your profile is turned off :(

bob said...

*Re-appears in a blinding flash*

It was You were my first non-friend/ relation comment.

a Tart said...

Ah yes! Dublin, VanGogh, I remember and yay for you! This only goes to show what a blog whore I am, sadly. I've got you bookmarked and I'll gladly go and add you to my blogroll. My readership is small but it's nice to make a connection, isn't it? :) Welcome aboard xoxo