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Friday, October 24, 2008

Punkish Love

I'm in a punkish mood, not helped by various and assorted rants here and there in the blogosphere, (all deserved and supported by me, 100%). So while it's Friday and I do believe Fridays are for gearing up for a sex-a-licious weekend, I am also feeling a bit sharp around the edges and that combination calls for only one type of music!

Luckily I ran into The Loved Ones' new album recently and let me tell you Build and Burn, their sophmore album, is awesomely good. It's solid, it's well mastered, sounds very professional and not muddy as so much good recorded punk music does. Released in early 2008, it's full of songs that show off the band's growth lyrically from Keep Your Heart, a broader vocal style and just some really catchy tracks. Always earnestly focused on love and loss, The Loved Ones put a really sweet love song on this album which I give you today to give ya a little tingle for your hot date tonight ;)

And what punkish mood would be complete without some girly tunes? I've not listened to Sleater Kinney in a while, and combing their catalogue for a love song took quite a while! Not surprised are you? Yes, they're a dreary group generally. "I wanna be your Joey Ramone" is just so.... so.... well, if you know me, it's so me, ha! Like The Loved Ones, this track is off their sophmore album. And the other track, "The Size of Our Love" I'm afraid only MeatPocket will truly understand completely. I love you baby! xoxoxo

So, get off your asses this weekend, snuggle up to your lover or your one night stand, or even to your one hand (and your favorite movie/magazine) and make something of it. Channel that rage at the economy, at those major corporations who rip us off on a regular basis, at your hated political figure of choice, at the lack of political choices in general! -- take all that rage and have some outrageously loud sex with it, people! Wake the fucking neighbors! They've done it to you at least once.

I Swear mp3 The Loved Ones Build and Burn (2008) give em some money!
I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone mp3 Sleater Kinney Call The Doctor (1996) pony up
The Size Of Our Love mp3 Sleater Kinney The Hot Rock (1999) big love, small price

photo credit: Charlemagne 13

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meatpocket said...

oh god youre terrible :P