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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Against Me! Stop! .... Yes, start now, vote early

Vote early please folks. It's as simple as that. If you live anywhere near a large city or if you live in an African American neighborhood or in a "swing state" please vote early. There is early voting in 46 states and it's started already. Go stand in line now and get it over with, find out now if your vote can be cast. And most importantly, DO NOT ACCEPT A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. Stand in line and wait until the poll workers can give you a real ballot and come back the next day if you need to in order to cast a ballot.

Read this fantastic article in Rolling Stone to see how voter suppression works, it's a biased article, I'll say it right here. It claims that the Republicans are actively suppressing the vote. But Robert F. Kennedy and Greg Palast give ample, legal evidence for his claims and I think everyone should see it, and decide for themselves what they think. In the very worst case scenario, you read the article and go to the poll and prove him wrong!

Now, have a great day, go vote, and rock on with our friends, Against Me! a great punk band from Gainesville, Florida (that's a swing state, by the way.)

Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners mp3 Against Me! Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live in London!!! (2006) -- yeah it's about the music industry, ya pervs!

Reinventing Axl Rose mp3 Against Me! Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live in London!!! (2006)
buy into the system


a Tart said...

Ok, I'll admit to just a wee bit of a thrill to just posting a video of two guys kissing for you all :) but really, do go vote LOL

meatpocket said...

i can't resist it... as a Chicago resident I have to say... vote early, vote often!!! hahaha

no just kidding, just vote early. :)

a Tart said...

oh behave, wifey!

Highlander said...

It will be interesting to see what the actual %age voter turnout is. Especially given the Republican trend of cheating the vote and stealing the prize.

But I still think of Obama as the lesser of two evils...

a Tart said...

Highlander, I quite agree on the lesser of two evils issue and weighed my conscious this season on whether or not to even discuss Obama here. As a socialist I thought to myself "why even bother with the partisan political circus that is unfolding as usual and it's big business interests?" But then I remembered what made me a socialist in the first place.

Or excuse me, I should say whom.

Bill Clinton was the man. We placed a lot of hope in him, he let us down horribly and many of us disaffected youth turned to third parties and to alternative politics then. I'll never be a party machine democrat player but 8 years later I can see the difference of what a Bill Clinton did in Bosnia from what a George Bush has done in Afghanistan/Iraq. And while those are completely different situations the effect they have had on the culture of our own country and our ability to interact with the world is so very crucially different.

So, yes, Obama will disappoint us as well, but in a way that I hope will preserve a sense of decency albeit false -- and false decency leaves room for maneuvering whereas this draconian Homeland Security nonsense squelches all of our hope and humanity.

And I think voter participation numbers are up, only for the fact that Obama's teams on the ground are getting people out to vote in droves for early voting in crucial states here like North Carolina and Ohio. It's truly amazing what grass roots organizing has happened. That in itself is an invaluable skill to teach a person! :)

Sorry to sound defensive, I realize you weren't necessarily criticizing as much as it seems from my lengthy response! LOL xoxo