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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What a Welcome

I feel loved... at least I think I do. So with the welcomes out of the way I would love to bring you some of my oddities and not so oddities I have lived and loved to.
Since Tart was nice enough to allow me to come here (thank you Tart) and show some of my wares, and for some reason this tune was playing as I read over the invitation... I thought I would take you back to when I first heard it...
I was a few years out of school and was always looking for independent record stores, a friend of mine told me of this neat shop in Toledo that had a lot of imports and such, plus the sales folks weren't fresh out of High School trying to sell candy coated pop to everyone that walked in the door. I was very into Nine Inch Nails at the time and was always looking for other projects Trent Reznor had done, mind you it was very early in the interweb days and you couldn't just Google your favorite person and Wiki out there life story, so you had to use underground magazines and word of mouth. A few weeks prior I had heard that Trent did some songs on a side project 1000 Homo DJ's, something Al Jourgensen of Ministry had set up. My mission... get the CD.
Well as it turns out the store didn't have it and the guy behind the counter, well I don't think he wanted to special order it, because he dogged the CD pretty hard. I was such a jerk I made him order it anyways. The album itself was pretty decent, "Hey Asshole" was a great song, it was long droning fun to listen to. This CD also introduced me to Pigface another band that is a compilation of great industrial artists getting together and laying tracks, but that will come later.
Anyway so here is a salute, to me... I guess.
1000 Homo DJ's: from Supernaught
Buy it here

1 comment:

a Tart said...

OMG puppet show I LOVE it!!!! I was wondering what you would do with that intro! ;).... somehow I knew you'd take it and run with it! BRAVO! applause applause! :) :) and an excellent song too!