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Monday, August 4, 2008

To Wiki or Not to Wiki?

So, I often run to Wikipedia to help me figure out my music quandaries. What genre should I put My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult in or The B 52s, and is Sting still New Wave if he's no longer with The Police? Yeah most people just follow fucktunes and don't care if Apple determines how their music is organized, but I like to do it myself and I like to know why certain artists fall into genres and sub genres. Perhaps it's because I'm obsessed with history in general, perhaps it's because I like to connect the dots so that when I hear GLU I can go back and listen to Depeche Mode and figure out what they borrowed and where they put it. And it's important to me that even if the sound quality is kinda crappy and the style may sound a bit dated, the music of a band like God Lives Underwater is amazing because it was created in a specific time and place, and that time and place is NOT 2008 with the computer technology that recording artists today enjoy. So, listen to this track and remember it was created sometime between 1999-2001 (?) but not released until 2004.

See it's difficult to know exactly when this album was recorded. And honestly I don't feel like wading through fan forums to find out. All I can tell from either Wiki or the official band site is that the release was delayed as the label went broke, but delayed for how long? And then David Reilly died in 2005 and well.... it all gets murky.

So to Wiki or not to Wiki? See, there's a project over at Wikipedia. Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information in articles related to music. And I've been wondering what role music bloggers have or should or might have in that. I know I use Wiki, do you?

this first one is for bitterandrew who's giving really bad (ok, andrew, omit the adjective!) love advice over on Armagideon Time tonight, lol! This song just sprung to mind.

God Lives Underwater: from Up Off The Floor, Tricked mp3

White Noise mp3 buy it

photo credit: birdfarm


bitterandrew said...

Aww, thanks. I thought it was sound advice....but I also like Shampoo's first album.

a Tart said...

awww man! now you're gonna make me go wiki Shampoo! and it wasn't so bad, the advice, just the sentiments in the songs i guess!

brb church said...

hmmm, all this looks pretty fimilar, I guess I will have to check this stuff out from time to time ;)