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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Maybe it's just because I'm a child of the seventies...

but I am such a sucker for Steve Miller. And today over on The World Forgot, Billy muses about Obama's campaign choice in music. I suggested (with a smirk on my face, I admit) they use this:

And, yeah that song is a real ear worm, isn't it?

But any who.... back to my childhood and the really good music of the seventies! The song that Obama's political campaign should choose is obviously Steve Miller's Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Around recorded in 1970. This song however, is much much older, stemming from a Negro Spiritual and recorded as early as (maybe earlier) 1935 by Blind Willie McTell. Give it a listen and you'll see why no politician but Obama would dare to use it or maybe get away with using it today.

from Steve Miller's Anthology Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Around mp3
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from Steve Miller's Greatest Hits Rock 'N Me mp3
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birdfarm said...

they can't use that, it says "don't let the policeman turn you round," and the police n their supporters are a decent-sized voting block.

love the song tho. and thanks for the earworm.

Puppet Show said... that some politics... on my music blog (*said ala Animal House)

a Tart said...

oopsie! yes politics, but I didn't start it this time LOL