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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You Know Who You Are...

and you know what you do to me, my London lover. Sometimes it takes a song to transverse that ocean and make more real what I see when I look at you, what I feel when your eyes are on me. Come Christmastime I want your hands on me, your lips on me.... everywhere. Let's make it happen, my darling xx

You moved like honey in my dream last night
Yeah, some old fires were burning
You came near to me and you endeared to me
But you couldn't quite discern me

Does that scare you? Ill let you run away
But your heart will not oblige you
You'll remember me like a melody
Yeah, I'll haunt the world inside you

And my big secret - gonna win you over
Slow like honey, heavy with mood

I'll let you see me, I'll covet your regard
I'll invade your demeanor
And you'll yield to me like a scent in the breeze
And you'll wonder what it is about me

It's my big secret - keeping you coming
Slow like honey, heavy with mood

Though dreams can be deceiving
Like faces are to hearts
They serve for sweet relieving
When fantasy and reality lie too far apart

So I stretch myself across, like a bridge
And I pull you to the edge
And stand there waiting
Trying to attain
The end to satisfy the story
Shall I release you?
Must I release you?
As I rise to meet my glory

But my big secret
Gonna hover over your life
Gonna keep you reaching
When I'm gone like yesterday
When I'm high like heaven
When I'm strong like music
cuz I'm slow like honey, and
Heavy with mood

Slow Like Honey Fiona Apple Tidal
buy it!


Anonymous said...


a Tart said...


Dylan said...

I was thinking about Fiona Apple yesterday too, funnily enough.

I had plans for her version of Across the Universe.

Love that track.

a Tart said...

Oh Across the Universe is my number 1 favorite Beatles song! I'd love to hear your version, hint.. hint.

And this track, Slow Like Honey is one of the few songs about desire that's not necessarily about love, ya know? Amazing that those are so hard to come by!

Thanks for stopping by xoxo

MeatPocket said...

can't wait to see him take you, my sweet-Tart, my lovely wife, my beloved whom i love to share. ;)

Dylan said...

Jai guru deva, ohm.

Ohm, indeed.