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Thursday, September 11, 2008


I hate silence, yet I work best in silence, it's such a cruel joke. Gradually, I'm hoping to train my brain to receive data, I mean thick, theoretical data, while listening to ambient music. Other people can do it, even with music that has lyrics. Surely I can make my mind do it, no? Just to be able to go to a coffeeshop and read would be a serious pleasure. Yesterday's Hauschka almost worked, after about the fifteenth go round I stopped listening to it. Here's something a bit angrier today, let's give it a go.

It's also chosen in light of my ongoing effort to switch webhosts, and transfer the small amount of music I've got here on the blog over. Turns out setting up a new file system, (this time correctly, I hope), does actually cause one (intermittently) to want to commit murder. But the kind 12 year old techs enslaved into windowless, brightly lit, carpeted, basement rooms over at the mega conglomerate web hosting site are really very kind when my memory of UNIX file permissions protocols temporarily fails. So, in any event, let us not deny corporate America their child labor and do let me know if the files are downloading slower or faster than before if you notice such things.

As for New Order, this is a track I pulled from a huge gift from the Pup. He's given me a Joy Division/New Order syllabus this past week in the Tart's-School-of-Music 102 (I did come to the table with some knowledge of my own). No, I've barely cracked the cover of it; yes, I'm getting to it as soon as I return properly from my foray into UNIX land. So, this track is all you get, and with very little explanation other than it suits my needs, has a fitting title for my mood, and I quite like the sound of it. Ha! What was I listening to instead of New Order in 1987? Probably the Smiths, Tom Petty, and I must admit Poison or Whitesnake, eeek! xoxoxo

Murder New Order Substance (Disc 2)

buy it!

1 comment:

a Tart said...

I know, it has words, just don't get all picky on me right now, I'm in no mood for that!