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Friday, September 12, 2008

Hi, can you please confirm that I have tickets tonight for .... event?" Says I, to the kind, middle-aged housewife from Iowa on the phone at TicketWeb. "Sure, what's the event?".... and here's where it goes all so wrong.

Me: Well, I'm going to see a band, "Holy Fuck," sorry that's their name!
Her: Oh (deadpan)
Me: It really is their name, I'm not being vulgar, I'm so sorry (turning more than red, feeling sheepish and like I've just exposed somebody's mother to ebaumsworld.. no, do not google it if you don't know.)
Her: Ok, well, if that's their name, I guess it's not your fault. (not a hint of humor in this yet AT ALL)
Me: Uh, yeah, sorry again about that (complete humiliation achieved, thank you very much guys).

The things we will do to see good music. This conversation lasted a good 10 mins. with all the necessary credit card number tracing, checking with supervisor on the files - between Meatpocket and I, we sometimes get our accounts confused and I had no idea who's credit card I had used. So at the end, I'm sure Mrs. Iowa housewife thought I was not only some weirdo female pervert but one that was committing credit card fraud to do my evil deeds as well!

I may be a perv, but I'm certainly not a criminal one. In fact this week I was named "the fleshy pincushion of the blogosphere" in comments on another site (which shall go nameless, I've given him enough credit over here!). I took that as quite a compliment! I like to flirt, and online personas are good fun, and in a world where so much is impersonal, reverting to feminine whiles is not in itself a bad thing. Is it? Besides, who wouldn't want to be a major tart out here in music blog land? Most of you bloggers are men, how else does one join the "good old boys club" without the necessary equipment? Go ahead, give me a poke, I dare ya ;) And no, it's not a photo of me below, I remain anonymous thus far.

So it's Friday, and I've got a show to go to, this time with my lovely Meatpocket at my side. We'll see how the dear wife holds up to Holy Fuck. I'll keep you posted. And yeah, this last picture is for a certain pizza blogger, it kinds looks like the guy in it is actually considering going in, eh? Ewww.

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photo credit for Hitler pincushion
photo credit for flesh poke
photo credit for fleshy pizza

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