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Thursday, August 14, 2008

It was a wedding ring destined to be found in a cheap hotel...

As I have been absent for a few days it doesn't mean I haven't thought of music, or what I would bring to the plate next. So I thought I would drastically change direction of where I have been going and introduce you to (in my personal opinion) one of the best lyricists I have ever heard in my lifetime.

In about 1985 I was introduced to this band by a rather eclectic friend, though he always had decent taste in music, it was a bit out of my taste range during those years (he listened to a decent amount of Rush, Cult, Genesis - while I was listening to Anthrax, Dokken, and Malmsteen ) but my taste was maturing quickly as this was the time in my life I was devouring new sounds and looking a different sounds.

I was asked to listen to "Assassing" by Marrillion off the Fugazi album. It was different, heavy keyboarded very twisting melodies and a singer with a different sound, but the lyrics were deep and meaningful and the sound was luscious. The albums my friend showed me had cover art was incredible and literally had a piece of every song "drawn" right into the art. But unlike most covers of the time it was thought out and put together in a manner that wasn't overkill, it was almost a normal Salvador Dalí painting. All of the art work from the Fish era of Marillion as well as Fish's solo career was done by artist Mark Wilkinson.

Misplaced Childhood Cover art

The Assassing Single cover (one of my favorites)

"Fish" or Derek Dick (his given name) was the Scotsman lyricist and singer of Marillion. Derek as I understood it in the day, was extremely shy and would paint his face up and use "Fish" as a stage name, almost ala Peter Gabriel of Genesis in his day. Fish also seem to have gotten his deep perspectives writing ability from Jack Kerouac and a good stiff drink which would later give way to the downfall of the greatest progressive rock bands ever. Fish was with Marillion from 1982 to 1990 when there was a decent deal of friction in the band, the years of touring and inter band fighting had worn them thin. Fish was then replaced by Steve Hogarth, and Marillion quickly carried on. I personally think Hogarth mellowed the sound of Marillion out way to much, it was like very watered down 30 year old scotch.

Fish in early years painted up

With much relief I found that Dereck went on to do solo material using his moniker of "Fish". Though I never thought that his solo albums reached the level introspectiveness as when he was in Marillion, it was still great, his lyrics were still strong works of art.

Fish is still active in touring and has a huge cult like following just as Marillion still does even in it's new modern "Hogarth" era. Fish's new album 13th Star shows he still can write some master pieces showing the simplicities of life in a complex way. So have a listen, enjoy, and listen to the best lyricist I have known.

*as a side note, I am in no way trying to lay out bands I put up here as me being the all knowing God of information on them. What I write and put up relate to my life and what I knew at the time. Though I am no huge fan of Wikipedia I will say it is a wealth of information, so if you want more info on the artists feel free to go to the artist them self (which is what I do) or feel free to wiki info.. that is all :)

Script for a Jesters Tear - Marillion - Script for a Jesters Tear

The Web - Marillion - Script for a Jesters Tear
(An absolute favorite of mine)

A Gentleman's Excuse Me - Fish - Vigil In a Wilderness of Mirrors

Zöe 25 - Fish - 13th Star

Buy Fish here

Buy Marillion here


a Tart said...

well! In 1985 I somehow missed this band, I guess I was busy listening to Rush, Genesis, Yes and Queen... all the bands that Fish was listening to as well! On the other hand, there was The Smiths, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, and Prince so yeah the 80's were a bit complicated for me, but then what era isn't, eh? Point being, when I first downloaded these tracks (geeze PS, can't ya send em to me instead of making me go to savefile like the masses here! lol) I thought to myself, omg... this stuff is soooo old! But hey I love this stuff too, always did, always will. And yes, lyrics are masterpieces. Thanks for adding to my 80's collection! xoxox

Puppet Show said...

You somehow missed this band because it was one of the MOST underrated bands ever. The only hit in the U.S (a very light hit at that) was "Incommunicado" in the late 90's. As for the Marillion songs I posted... ya they're sound old, but still brillant after all these years. I have begun to break out my old Marillion just because of this post. Anyway, I waited to give you some of this because it's been a while since I broke this stuff out, and I dont have much Marillion ripped... dont worry you'll get your fill.