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Friday, August 1, 2008

Chris, oh Chris, what have you done?

First of all, you must go over to !Viva La Mainstream! and read TJ's rant/review on Chris Cornell's latest release (and listen/download four tracks from Scream). It's thoughtful, thought-provoking, and downright fair. And even though I hate what Chris has done I have to agree with TJ, let the man be, he's got every right to evolve as an artist and go where he wants with his music and well, we can just go fuck ourselves! I give him loads of credit for having the balls to do it.

And yeah, if you listen to it enough and squint your eyes a bit and turn your head and just push Soundgarden outta your mind, it's not THAT bad....

Lots of folk thought that Carry On was pretty awful too. Here's a little reminder of how much better it was, in my opinion, (no, I'm not really saying "I told ya so!")

from Carry On
Arms Around Your Love mp3 Chris Cornell
This is maybe the best song about breaking up I've heard in a long while, it's heartfelt, it's ugly and raw and sobering, and I love the way Chris' voice wraps around this tune. The guitar work's not so shabby either.

Killing Birds mp3 Chris Cornell
I chose this one for you because it's got a totally different sound to it and yet that VOICE, omg, it just sucks you in. Sure, the lyrics are a little forced, but still catchy. I'd like a better drumline on this, it's mechanical and unimaginative, but hey, it's a pop song, it's o.k. Again, the guitar solo doesn't suck :p
Buy Carry On

from BBC Sessions
Orignial Fire mp3 Chris Cornell
Just Chris and a guitar, and sometimes that's all you need.

Redemption Song mp3 Chris Cornell
Bare bones and well, what do we expect from our aging rock gods folks? Honestly, yes, like the Stones, they are CAPABLE of belting it out well into their 60s but some of them may not want to, so why should we demand them to? Let them rock when they wish, mellow when they wish, and god-smite-me for saying this, but even go mainstream on us if they will, eeek!

Have a great weekend!
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