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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

thank you Led Zeppelin

Over at Licorice Pizza I've been enjoying the "Ultimate Led Zeppelin Session Disks" which are a Zeppelin lover's delight. Some are just re-takes, some are session recordings, all are another glimpse into the genius of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page in their heyday. No one that knows me understands why I get glassy eyed listening to this stuff. It's nice to realize that all two or three readers here might appreciate it :)

And as I'm quite partial to crazy covers, I'll post my all-time favorite one for you. Now, I'm not into all covers. For me the perfect cover has to fulfill three goals
  1. the original song as to have been a major hit and still be quite recognizable - no esoterica allowed
  2. the cover artist has to be well known, you shouldn't have to look at the label to know who's covering what
  3. it can't sound too much like the original, whoever is covering it should give the cover their own flavor, style or hue
This cover far exceeds my three goals, it is perfection! And it makes me giggle every single time I play it. I hope it does the same for you. Aikin, I really hope you've never heard this one before :)

Stairway to Heaven mp3 Dolly Parton Halos and Horns

buy it off of
Dolly's website


aikin said...

that is TRULY a frightening version of that song.
I've heard sections of it before but never the whole thing. I may have bad dreams tonight!

a Tart said...

awww well I still take delight in giving it to ya! :)