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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My TV spoke to me today

Nope, that's not the song I've got for you tonight, psych!!!

Sometimes I sit in my living room and work, listening to music and yes, even with X amount of gigabites of music on my fuckpod I still find myself with nothing to listen to. Just like when I sit down to watch TV with 300 channels including HDTV there's not a darn thing on that I want to watch - ah the postmodern malaise.

So, on days like this I turn on one of the music channels so graciously offered me by my local cable company (no, not for a song, you shush over there in the peanut gallery). I started out today on "metal (uncensored)" but when they began a 20 minute block of Metallica I bailed and hit the "alternative (uncensored)" in time to catch some great tunes.

I looked up from my work to check out the title of a few songs--some to note what to look further into, some to chuckle to myself about what crap is out there for the unassuming masses. A love song caught my ear, it had a familiar sound, I placed it immediately but I'd never heard it before. Somehow the latest Smashing Pumpkins (well, 2007) had passed me by. "That's The Way (My Love Is)" is a great tune lyrically, a bit mysterious, sweetly sung though in that gentle, wistful way Billy Corgan does so well. And it just so happens to sum up how I'm feeling tonight, lucky you!

I've coupled it with another awesome tune from the ever-reliable (oh god, that's redundantly redundant!) Otis Redding, the ultimate source for love songs. It's a track I particularly like and not one that I think he's very very famous for, so enjoy! I love you MeatPocket, don't you ever underestimate that, baby. xoxox

That's The Way (My Love Is)
mp3 The Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgeist buy it
That's How Strong My Love Is mp3 Otis Redding The Great Otis Redding Sings Soul Ballads buy it


adam said...

There's a good line a critic wrote, I forget who, that we used to watch TV to see what was on but now we watch TV to see what else is on.

a Tart said...

Brilliant! Yes, civilization has come to this, watching TV to see what to google, to see what to listen to, to see what to buy, to see what to look for on MTV, to see what to go see live, to see.... oy!