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Monday, September 29, 2008

Monkey Gone To Heaven, The Pixies

Sometimes it's better not knowing... I'd rather not know how much the stock market fell today (almost 800 points, ouch!). I'd rather not know how ill equipped Sarah Palin is for the White House (that SNL skit was all too close to the real thing, eh?) And today as I was browsing through some music I've not heard in a while I looked up this song and found that no, I didn't need to know the meaning behind "Monkey Gone To Heaven" by The Pixies. It's a great song, a catchy song, a song that brings back happy memories and if it's truly about environmentalism, as wikipedia says, well I'm better off not knowing it, it's just a great tune. So, I'm sorry if you didn't know, just erase that from your mind and enjoy the tune. More Pixies to come, I'm refreshing my knowledge of this great American band.

Monkey Gone To Heaven mp3 The Pixies Doolittle

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photo credit: eightdaysjet


a Tart said...

I know! You're thinking how can this woman be so stupid to have listened to this song and not know it was about environmentalism? I blame the drugs... honestly.

Highlander said...

You're forgiven. Prompted by your post I'm trying to think of a bad Pixies tune and at the moment I will confess I am struggling...

a Tart said...

Whew! Coming from you I feel a huge burden lifted from me. :) And no, there's not a bad one, I've already checked xoxo