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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jesus On Extasy Makes Me Happy

I know this is supposed to be serious Gothic Rock music, but listening to these tracks cheers me up somehow. Maybe it's the whiplash effect of justifying the "gothic" image of this group with their "retro" sound, (I mean how can I not think of "You Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive?), especially as heard on these two tracks.

Anyway, "Assassinate Me" is incredibly catchy, and well, "Nowhere Girl" just makes me laugh. Go figure. xoxo

Assassinate Me Jesus On Extasy Holy Beauty
Nowhere Girl Jesus on Extasy Holy Beauty

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adam said...

They're up against 'She Sells Sanctuary' as dancefloor goth and they come off pretty well!

a Tart said...

But, honestly, isn't "dancefloor goth" a bit of an oxymoron? It's an oxymoron that I love, but still! xoxo
...running off to look up "she sells sanctuary" ty!

Rol said...

I especially like their costumes. Not even listened to the tracks yet - will do later.

FiL said...

Ah, nothing like a bit of OTT electrogoth on a rainy Saturday. Contrary to the gloom & death image they portray, goths really do know how to live & larf!!

a Tart said...

It's uncanny, ain't it! Now if only I could get one of them to talk to me!