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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wherein a Tart tells you her dreams (with some help from Blitzen Trapper)

I hate dreams, .... I hate hearing other people's dreams, ... and I live with a woman who loves to tell me her dreams first thing in the morning, go figure! (She loves morning sex as well, which I'm also not a huge fan of, but hey I'm coming around to that). But back to the topic at hand, I hate dreaming.

Most people go to sleep hoping for good dreams. I go to sleep hoping to not dream. My dreams are rarely satisfying, even the good ones. Last night's was particularly emblematic of this point. I dreamt a great dream about friendship (thanks Pup, for fodder for that!) In my dream I was hanging out with my dear friend D, we were listening to great music, getting ready to go out dancing as we used to do, laughing and enjoying each other's company with innenduos and jabs that only real friends who care about one another deeply can make so freely. It felt so nice to be in his company, seeing the sparkle in his eye as he teased me and made me laugh.

And then I woke to my alarm, to the gentle sound of "bubbles" on my iphone (oh that's a whole other story, of how I was suckered into that purchase!). And it was awful, it was devastating, for D has died, gone from this world 5 years now, and I rememered how wonderful he was, and how much I missed him. I had that pang of recongition, "oh, it was a dream" and I rolled over and dozed off, back to sleep. An hour and a half later I woke with a start from a deep sleep, in the middle of a dream again. I can't remember one detail of it now. Something else about friendship and loss and love and well..... welcome Autumn, eh?

So, in this crazy, chaotic international crash of the markets don't forget that real loss is not in things. Somehow, I find that oddly comforting, call me crazy. This song popped up today, and it speaks to what's going on with me on a lot of different levels. I heard about this band over on a great Chicago blog, The Leather Canary. So, let me introduce you to Blitzen Trapper, (if you haven't heard) they're cool, xoxox

Edit: (Alright, so I didn't want you to get a wrong taste for what Blitzen Trapper is about, so I've included another song for ya, enjoy Sleeptime In The Western World too!)

Edit2: (Ok, so I'm changing the track below. I inadvertently gave you the same track as my friend over at The Leather Canary, ooops!)

Not Your Lover mp3 Blitzen Trapper Furr
Fire & Fast Bullets mp3 Blitzen Trapper Furr
buy their music on their MySpace page

photo credit: patrick dentler


a Tart said...

ah geeze, i'm a doofus, i totally gave you the same damn tracks as The Leather Canary, great minds think alike, i swear. i didn't mean to, honest! xoxo

JC said...

"don't forget that real loss is not in things"

I won't

Bob said...

Ah, some soothing sounds to calm my jangled nerves after those Rolo Tomassi tracks.

It's funny, but over here, fries are chips, and what you call chips we refer to as crisps. I wont even tell you what a fanny means this side of the water. I'm confused though, does 'tart' mean the same thing over there as here?

P.S. thanks for the add to your blog roll. Must return the favour.

a Tart said...

Needed a tonic eh? :)

Yes, I love the differences between our bastardized English and yours which is perhaps best epitomized in the term "fanny" and makes our "fanny packs" all too funny for you all. See here for a good laugh!

And yes, a tart carries both meanings here, tho the innuendo is perhaps less known across the pond... I do have a few fans over your way I might add ;)

thanks for reading, as always xoxox