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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

For Every Season, Turn, Turn, Turn

I've been listening to new music, I swear! But somehow the Jesus and Mary Chain keep running through my brain. So I put Psychocandy on the other day, just for fun, and what do ya know? Aside from the upfrontness of all that feedback (which, oh my god, I love!) it really reminds me quite a bit of what bands like Glasvegas are doing with a kind of surfer sound. Here, have a listen and tell me I'm wrong!

The Jesus and Mary Chain, You Trip Me Up (1985)

Go Square Go Glasvegas, Glasvegas (2008)
get your own copy

Further devolution in sound brings us to this, the song that every indie snob hates to love.... The Killers, Somebody Told Me (2004).

Sometimes things change for the worst (keeping our fingers crossed for the upcoming year, politically!) But I'm not ashamed to say I really am enjoying all three of these albums this year. Maybe it's the extended autumn here and driving through the city and seeing scenes like this that's turned my head:

photo credit: RcktManIL

add The Jesus and Mary Chain to your collection
go ahead and add The Killers too!


Davy H said...

Nice tambourine playing from Bobby Gillespie there.

You've set me off now.

a Tart said...

I'm so very honored, darling xoxo