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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Please Leave A Message After The....

er,.... moan?

Public Service Announcement: fucking your friends has many benefits! So stretch your moral boundaries a bit (if you care to), play safe, and include your wife!

Regular blogging will resume after Dutch sex slaves/houseguests leave on Friday and I regain feeling in lower extremities. Hopefully by then I'll be able to walk as well ;)

Ooops, I'm being beckoned from the bathtub, until then enjoy vicariously with my favorite sex symbol (what is it about those Welsh men!?) and a great cover of another, xoxo!

Sexbomb Tom Jones Reload buy it
You Can Leave Your Hat On Tom Jones The Full Monty OST buy it
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Revolting Cocks (Rod Stewart cover) Do Ya Think I'm Sexy buy it


FiL said...

Lovely to hear you're having such good, clean & dirty fun!

I love that RevCo song. Er, I mean, I lust for it. And have you seen the video???

meatpocket said...

mmmmmmm yeah it was awesome :) :)

um, not to intrude or anything, but you'd think the Pup could step into the breach, even if he refuses to visit us and step out of his breeches ;) where the hell has that man been and why isn't he blogging???

your wifey